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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Upcoming album posts!!

later I will post the first complete album- Paulinho Nogueira "A nova bossa é violao" RGE (1963)
The last 4-5 years I bought many brazilian CDs in any store and also many Bossa Lps mostly on ebay - so much money on ebay,oh,oh -)) Also I found some nice stuff on my Riotrip 2004.
My love to brazilian music began with my interest to jazz-Cool jazz was my favourite jazzstyle and in reason that I play saxophone as hobbyplayer -Paul Desmond and Stan Getz became my favourite saxophoneplayers .Then one day I took one Desmond CD to my music lesson and learned to play his version of "Black Orpheus". I liked to play bossa so much, that other bossa standards followed- Getz's "Girl from Ipanema" etc...
So Astrud and Joao Gilberto on the Getz albums opened the way to other brazilian musicans...and so it happened all step by step....until today.
So it is a nice idea, I think, to share this feeling of this beautiful music with other music enthusiats who love this kind of music,too and especially to show you some forgotten great musicians.



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