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Saturday, April 01, 2006

P.S French Chanson Blog with complete albums ?

P.S. If someone of you know a blog, on which you can find postings of complete French Chanson albums ,I would be very happy for telling me about .


Back from Brazil + Reginaldo Bessa "Amor en bossa nova" (1963) out now for sale!!

Hello ,
hope you feel good ?! I am back from Brazil. It was a really nice time there. Sureley I came back with a lot of good "new" brazilian music. I will post another old bossa album during the following week.
By the way I want to tell you that you can buy now the re-release of Reginaldo Bessa's album " Amor en bossa nova"(1963 CBS) since last week (avaiable on CD and LP)- Fans of Joao Gilberto and Carlos Lyra should not miss it. It is loveley!!
You can buy it for example at, or find it at google (perhaps avaiable in a shop of your country if you are not from USA or Japan)

Best wishes

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Juarez e seu conjunto - Bossa nova nos "states"

Juarez e seu conjunto
-Bossa nova nos "states"- (196?)
(There are no notices about the releasedate on LP)
by Masterplay

1. Samba toff ( Orlan Divo - Roberto Jorge )
2. So danco samba ( Tom Jobim - V. de Moraes)
3. Tema para dede (Nelsinho)
4. Rosa morena (Dorival Caymmi)
5. Esta nascendo um samba ( Tito Madi - Romeu Nunes)
6. A mesma rosa amarela ( Carlos Pena Filho - Capiba )
7. Lobo bobo (Carlos Lyra - Ronaldo Boscoli )
8. Bim, bom (Joao Gilberto)
9. Direi depois ( Paulo Valdez - Jujuba )
10. Sincopado triste ( Hianto de Almeida - Macedo Neto )
11. O amor que abocou ( Chico Feitosa - Luis Fernando Freire )
12. Maria ninguem ( Carlos Lyra)

Fats Elpidio[piano],
Tiao Marinho[bass], Neco[guitar],
Tenorio jr[piano]

Finally here now the Juarez album. I like this instrumental bosssajazz album because Juarez blows great and sounds very cool.
It seems that he liked the cool jazz saxophonists Stan Getz, Lee Konitz etc.

See you again end of March after I will be back from Brazil ....
Best wishes

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Carlos Lyra with Stan Getz Group + Upcoming post!

I'm a big fan of Carlos Lyra.
Many or some of you know for example the great album with Paul Winter" The Sound of Ipanema"(CBS).
I read and heard about, that Lyra also played and toured with the Stan Getz Group mid of the 60's. Unfortunately it seems that there never was released a recordingsession of this group with Lyra until today. On the website (Discografia Carlos Lyra) are some infos about, that Lyra played with Getz' group for example in Canada, Japan and USA (Newport Festival).If anyone of you know something about a liverecording (perhaps during the Newport Festival) would be nice to tell me about it. It seems it would be a wonder that someone had recorded something from radio during the 60's. But possible is everything!!

By the way, before I will travel to Rio in March I will post a Juarez album "Bossa nova nos "States" next week- Juarez is a saxophonist and blows in very cool style on this recording- it seems he was a fan of Stan Getz -) I like this instrumental bossa jazz album and hope you will like it ,too.

All the best

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tito Madi "Amor e paz" (1963)

Tito Madi
" Amor e paz " (1963)
CBS 4021

1. Jogado fora ( Joao Mello )
2. Amor e paz ( Tito Madi )
3. Com o amor nao se brinca ( Romeu Nunes - Carlito )
4. Ah! Se eu pudesse ( R. Menescal - R. Boscoli )
5. A mesma rosa amarela ( Capiba - Carlos Pena Filho )
6. Corcovado ( A. C. Jobim )
7. Prá que mentir ( Sérgio Napp )
8. Está nascendo um samba ( Tito Madi - Romeu Nunes )
9. Fale de samba que eu vou ( Tito Madi )
10. Pensei... errei ( Tito Madi )
11. Só eu rei ( Tito Madi )
12. Nós e o mar ( R. Boscoli - R. Menescal )

Here for you now the complete wonderful album of Tito Madi " Amor e paz" (1963)
Tito Madi recorded so many albums ,but this is perhaps his most bossa oriented one with great orchestra directed by Astor and Neco on guitar.
One notice: Don't wonder about that some tracks sound in CD and some in LP quality.
The reason is :I have the LP and a German "Bossa music friend" bought a "Best Of" Madi CD , which includes some songs of this album-
So you have here some songs picked up from the CD and some from my LP (thank you Oliver)
All the best

Monday, February 06, 2006

New info! Album re-release of Reginaldo Bessa's "Amor en bossa nova" (1963) (delayed)

I want to tell you, that Reginaldo Bessa's album"Amor en bossa nova"(1963) will be avaiable later as I told here in my blog.The releasedate will now be around April 2006.
Don't miss it.

P.S I will post a great Tito Madi album in the next days.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Paulinho Nogueira "A nova bossa é violao" (1963)

Paulinho Nogueira
"A nova bossa é violao" (1963)

1.Bossa na praia (Pery Ribeiro-Geraldo Cunha)
2.Moca da chuva (Paulinho Nogueira-Rita Moreira)
3.Menina flor (Luiz Bonfa- Maria Helena Toledo)
4.Marcha da 4 feira de cinzas (Carlos Lyra-Vinicius de Moraes)
5.Pombinha da paz (Paulinho Nogueira)
6.Rio (Roberto Menescal-Ronaldo Boscoli)
7.Mas que nada (Jorge Ben)
8.Historinha (Paulinho Nogueira-Rita Moreira)
9.Ah! Se eu pudesse (Roberto Menescal-Ronaldo Boscoli)
10.Tempinho bom (Celso Mendes)
11.Marcha do amor sem esperanca (Walter Santos-Carlos Parana)
12.Branca de neve (Billy Blanco)
-No details about playing group on covers-

I start my complete album posting with this Paulinho Nogueira album of 1963. I have many Nogueira albums in my collection and for me this is perhaps one of his best- even not his best album.
Paulinho Nogueira is a great guitarist who unfortanetley got never to be so famous as Baden Powell,Luiz Bonfa or Neco. This nice Nogueira album reminds me a little bit to Bonfa's great albums he recorded for Odeon in the 60's. Some tracks are instrumental and some with Nogueira's pretty warm voice.My favourite one is the vocal song (Moca da chuva-Track 2)- very lovely!! But all other songs are great,too.
Sit down ,close your eyes and enjoy !!

All the best

Upcoming album posts!!

later I will post the first complete album- Paulinho Nogueira "A nova bossa é violao" RGE (1963)
The last 4-5 years I bought many brazilian CDs in any store and also many Bossa Lps mostly on ebay - so much money on ebay,oh,oh -)) Also I found some nice stuff on my Riotrip 2004.
My love to brazilian music began with my interest to jazz-Cool jazz was my favourite jazzstyle and in reason that I play saxophone as hobbyplayer -Paul Desmond and Stan Getz became my favourite saxophoneplayers .Then one day I took one Desmond CD to my music lesson and learned to play his version of "Black Orpheus". I liked to play bossa so much, that other bossa standards followed- Getz's "Girl from Ipanema" etc...
So Astrud and Joao Gilberto on the Getz albums opened the way to other brazilian musicans...and so it happened all step by step....until today.
So it is a nice idea, I think, to share this feeling of this beautiful music with other music enthusiats who love this kind of music,too and especially to show you some forgotten great musicians.


A great website for brazilian albumcovers !

For all who look for a good brazilian coverwebsite I can tell you
Most of the covers are in exactly CD large and the site will updated very often -
A very good website -take a look-

Best wishes

Out soon!! 25 new CD releases by Charles Gavin

very nice news !! An info for all who did not hear about it until today.
25 brazilian albums will be released soon. Charles Gavin, who worked also on the great 100 Anos Odeon and Elenco CD series releases, is in great work again .Now albums of the RGE, Fermata, Somlivre (Som Maior) labels will be re-released . Most of them first time on CD. A trip through brazilian music styles again (some bossa, samba and other MPB albums)
They will be avaiable soon ( between end of February/ begin of March)- Take a look at stores like , etc...

P.S another good store to get braziilian music for good prices is

And here are the albums of the upcoming serie:
01) Tim Maia /Som Livre (1977) / 403.6129
02) Alceu Valenca/Molhado de suor/ Som Livre (1974) / 403.6060
03) Rosinha de Valenca/ (1973) Som Livre) SSIG 1029
04) Gerson Conrad e Zeze Motta / Som Livre (1975) / 410.6007
05) Novos Baianos / Vamos p'ro mundo /Som Livre
06) Vila Sesamo/ Trilha/ Som Livre/ 403.6035
07) Osmar Milito/ ...e deixa o relogio andar/Som Livre (1971)
08) Marcos Valle/ Vontade de rever voce/ Som Livre /403.6224 (1980)
09) Sitio do Picapau Amarelo/Trilha/Som Livre/ 4036118(1977)
10) Sidney Miller/ Linguas de fogo / Som Livre/403.6037/(1974)
11) Os Brazoes/RGE/LF -174(1969)
12) Tom Ze/ Nave maria/ RGE(1984)/ 308.6062
13) Os sambistas-Conjunto a voz do morro(Ze Keti, Nelson Sargento, Paulinho da Viola, Elton Medeiros,Jair do Cavaquinho e Jose Cruz)/ RGE/XRLP-5290
14) Brazilian Octopus/ RGE-Fermata/ FB-257
15) Vinicius, Maria Medalha e Toquinho/ Como dizia o poeta / RGE(1971)303.007
16) Dom Junior, Seu Conjunto e Seu Sax Maravilhoso/ Sambas/RGE(1962)/XRLP-5131
17) Bossa Jazz Trio/ Fermata (1965) FB113
18) Zimbo Trio+Metais/Decisao (1969)RGE/XRLP 5331
19) Manfredo e Seu Conjunto/ Bossa nova / RGE/ XRLP 5209 - Acervo SOM MAIOR
20) Sansa Trio/Som Maior/SM1502
21) Sambrasa Trio/ Em som maior/ Som Maior/SMLP1507
22) Som 3/ som maior /Som Maior SMLP 1518
23) Sambossa 5/ Som maior / SMLP 1511
24) Quarteto Bossamba/ Som Maior/ SMLP 1524
25) Sambalanco Trio/Reencontro com Sambalsnco /Som Maior/SM1517

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reginaldo Bessa "Amor en bossa nova"CD and LP re-release

Hello to every bossa fan,
Reginaldo Bessa's album "Amor en bossa nova" (1963) will be released by the German label Sonorama ( between Febuary and March 2006. I am very happy that I helped in this project. Bessa's album is a very nice one, especially for pure bossa nova fans of Joao Gilberto, Carlos Lyra, Sergio Augusto etc. He recorderd his album during his time in Argentina in 1963 and it includes a lot of his own compositions what gives this album a very interesting touch. Unfortanetly his album was a little bit forgotten and Reginaldo Bessa through that a little bit unknown over the years. But I think for every Bossa Nova fan this album should be a new discover in brazilian bossa nova music.
It will be avaiable at and also will be sold by Dustygroove or HMV Japan etc...
More infos on Sonorama website soon!
Some soundclips you can find on Reginaldo Bessa's website: click on discography and on the picture of this album) Also you can listen to the complete first song of this album when you go on the left link to bossa nova- the song starts after waiting some seconds
(cover was taken from Reginaldo Bessa's website for posting here)


Hi ,
I am Tom and collector of brazilian music- mostly bossa of the 60's but also bossa, samba, balancao etc of other periods- This blog is for all other people, who love brazilian music, too.
More in next time....