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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Carlos Lyra with Stan Getz Group + Upcoming post!

I'm a big fan of Carlos Lyra.
Many or some of you know for example the great album with Paul Winter" The Sound of Ipanema"(CBS).
I read and heard about, that Lyra also played and toured with the Stan Getz Group mid of the 60's. Unfortunately it seems that there never was released a recordingsession of this group with Lyra until today. On the website (Discografia Carlos Lyra) are some infos about, that Lyra played with Getz' group for example in Canada, Japan and USA (Newport Festival).If anyone of you know something about a liverecording (perhaps during the Newport Festival) would be nice to tell me about it. It seems it would be a wonder that someone had recorded something from radio during the 60's. But possible is everything!!

By the way, before I will travel to Rio in March I will post a Juarez album "Bossa nova nos "States" next week- Juarez is a saxophonist and blows in very cool style on this recording- it seems he was a fan of Stan Getz -) I like this instrumental bossa jazz album and hope you will like it ,too.

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Blogger ed! said...

wow! great flog this! nice to be here. you'll be added on my link directory. :)

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Blogger Daniel Cukier said...

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