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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tito Madi "Amor e paz" (1963)

Tito Madi
" Amor e paz " (1963)
CBS 4021

1. Jogado fora ( Joao Mello )
2. Amor e paz ( Tito Madi )
3. Com o amor nao se brinca ( Romeu Nunes - Carlito )
4. Ah! Se eu pudesse ( R. Menescal - R. Boscoli )
5. A mesma rosa amarela ( Capiba - Carlos Pena Filho )
6. Corcovado ( A. C. Jobim )
7. Prá que mentir ( Sérgio Napp )
8. Está nascendo um samba ( Tito Madi - Romeu Nunes )
9. Fale de samba que eu vou ( Tito Madi )
10. Pensei... errei ( Tito Madi )
11. Só eu rei ( Tito Madi )
12. Nós e o mar ( R. Boscoli - R. Menescal )

Here for you now the complete wonderful album of Tito Madi " Amor e paz" (1963)
Tito Madi recorded so many albums ,but this is perhaps his most bossa oriented one with great orchestra directed by Astor and Neco on guitar.
One notice: Don't wonder about that some tracks sound in CD and some in LP quality.
The reason is :I have the LP and a German "Bossa music friend" bought a "Best Of" Madi CD , which includes some songs of this album-
So you have here some songs picked up from the CD and some from my LP (thank you Oliver)
All the best


Blogger QQF resident said...

Just downloaded this one and still need to listen to it properly of course. But it sounds really good, mind you. Sweet.

I very much hope this blog will continue with shares. Because shares like this one give me excellent impulses, also with regards to buying music :)

3:55 AM  
Blogger refer said...

I just love this guy. He had nothing to do with bossa nova but open the doors for BN people with his warm and sweet style that was very sucessful a bit before the BN generation. On this LP he did some BN covers (most of them are Pery Ribeiro's originals). The only true BN song he wrote was "Balanço Zona Sul" around late 1964. The late an real GREAT Wilson Simonal did a killer version of "Balanço..." Try it! Ironically Tito's biggest hit as singer was with a song he did not wrote,"Menina Moça" (by Luiz Antonio)in 1960.
Congratulations for your fine taste!

3:16 PM  
Blogger thiago mello said...


such wonderfull music!!

man thanks

check out my new posts

9:17 AM  
Blogger savoadaki said...

Excellent choice, and so nice to hear older music I don't know about. I like your approach of providing carefully chosen shares, allowing time to listen to them before the next one comes along.

10:43 PM  

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