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Saturday, April 01, 2006

P.S French Chanson Blog with complete albums ?

P.S. If someone of you know a blog, on which you can find postings of complete French Chanson albums ,I would be very happy for telling me about .


Back from Brazil + Reginaldo Bessa "Amor en bossa nova" (1963) out now for sale!!

Hello ,
hope you feel good ?! I am back from Brazil. It was a really nice time there. Sureley I came back with a lot of good "new" brazilian music. I will post another old bossa album during the following week.
By the way I want to tell you that you can buy now the re-release of Reginaldo Bessa's album " Amor en bossa nova"(1963 CBS) since last week (avaiable on CD and LP)- Fans of Joao Gilberto and Carlos Lyra should not miss it. It is loveley!!
You can buy it for example at, or find it at google (perhaps avaiable in a shop of your country if you are not from USA or Japan)

Best wishes