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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reginaldo Bessa "Amor en bossa nova"CD and LP re-release

Hello to every bossa fan,
Reginaldo Bessa's album "Amor en bossa nova" (1963) will be released by the German label Sonorama ( between Febuary and March 2006. I am very happy that I helped in this project. Bessa's album is a very nice one, especially for pure bossa nova fans of Joao Gilberto, Carlos Lyra, Sergio Augusto etc. He recorderd his album during his time in Argentina in 1963 and it includes a lot of his own compositions what gives this album a very interesting touch. Unfortanetly his album was a little bit forgotten and Reginaldo Bessa through that a little bit unknown over the years. But I think for every Bossa Nova fan this album should be a new discover in brazilian bossa nova music.
It will be avaiable at and also will be sold by Dustygroove or HMV Japan etc...
More infos on Sonorama website soon!
Some soundclips you can find on Reginaldo Bessa's website: click on discography and on the picture of this album) Also you can listen to the complete first song of this album when you go on the left link to bossa nova- the song starts after waiting some seconds
(cover was taken from Reginaldo Bessa's website for posting here)


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